How to fix MSVCP100.dll missing error or not found error windows 10

When reinstalling my windows and trying to start some game or application, sometimes I’m hitting the MSVCP100.dll not found. Here is a simple solution on how to fix it. OC: Windows 10 64bit Or search for Microsoft visual c++ 2010 redistributable and download it.

NH U14S Noctua install AM4 socket | NZXT H500 Overwatch

Replacing my old Write Prism cooler with Noctua NH U14S install on socket AM4. Case NZXT H500 Overwatch. Installation: 0:30sound test: 7:50stability test: 8:55 PC benchmark here in games with the stock cooler here – PC spec: (check the Amazon affiliate links for more information) ● CPU Cooler: Noctua Continue Reading

How to install latest Windows 10 using USB flash drive

Please watch the video below for more instructions. 1. Get USB flash drive minimum 8GB and plug in into computer 2. Go to and search for ‘Download windows 10 latest version’ ar go directly on 3. Click on Download tool now bellow Create Windows 10 installation media 4. Continue Reading

Zcash (ZEC) Nvidia CUDA GTX 1070 miner Getting started How to mine

1. Make your wallet Go to download zcash4win and install it. After you done and program run for the first time the blockchain synchronization will start. While the synchronization is running and before reach 100% your CPU will be used and may slow your windows process. After reaching 100% Continue Reading

Passive VS active CPU cooling of Xeon l5420. Silent computer

This is my home server and i’m trying to make it completely silent. Currently the only spinning fan is on my processor cooler. I have connected the fan with a fan controller to reduce the RPM to 1000 and it is incredible silent. My power supply is completely silent. I Continue Reading

Overclocked Pentium E2140/2GB DDR2/X1650 tutorial benchmark test of League of Legends

The Stock clock of the Pentium E2140 is 1600mhz. Without any problems and issues it can be clocked above 2000mhz. In this video I have clocked and tested the processor at 1920mhz and 2140mhz. The game that I have tested is League of Legends and I don’t know why but Continue Reading