Critical Vulnerability Discovered in Google Chrome

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In a recent development, Google Chrome has been found to have a highly dangerous vulnerability, emphasizing the need for users to ensure that their browser is updated to the latest version where the issue has been fixed. This vulnerability, acknowledged by Google, has not only been identified but has also been actively exploited against Chrome users, making it alarming news for online security.

Google describes the issue as a buffer overflow in WebRTC framework that could result in program crashes or arbitrary code execution, as this vulnerability creates an opportunity for a potential attack. Assigned as “CVE-2023-7024”, Google confirms the existence of an exploit for this particular vulnerability.

Fortunately, there is no need to panic. To protect your computer from this potential threat, all you need to do is open the Chrome settings page (accessible from the three-dot menu in the top right corner of the browser). Once there, click on “Help” and then navigate to the left panel and click on “About Chrome” at the top of the list.

Simply opening this page will automatically check for updates and apply them if necessary. To be protected against this exploit, Windows users should ensure they are using Chrome version 120.0.6099.130 (alternatively, 120.0.6099.129 for Mac or Linux users).

google chrome updated 1 - Critical Vulnerability Discovered in Google Chrome

It is advisable to check and resolve this issue promptly to minimize the risk of your computer being compromised. Remember that after Chrome updates itself, you should close and reopen the browser to apply the update – after which, everything should be resolved, and you can proceed with your online activities securely.

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