Download DirectX 12 for Windows 10 (32-Bit And 64-Bit)


DirectX 12 is an integral part, automatically included in Windows 10 by default which can boost your GPU performance and can give you a higher FPS and reduce lag while gaming. DirectX 12 is only supported in Windows 10 and if your current operating system is Windows 10, then you shouldn’t need to download it.

However, if you are running a previous version of Windows 10 which cannot be updated or for whatever other reason you need to do it, follow these simple steps to download and install DirectX 12 for Windows 10 64-bit or 32-bit:

1. Click on the following link: Download DirectX 12 for Windows 10.
2. Press Save file to save it to your computer.
3. Run the ‘directx_Jun2010_redist.exe’ that you have just downloaded.
4. Choose the location where you want to place the exctracted files.
5. Open the folder where the extracted files are, find ‘DXSETUP.exe’ and then Run it.
6. Follow the directions from the installation program in order to complete the installation.
7. Then Restart your computer.
8. Now you are able to play your games on your computer.

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