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Microsoft .NET is an open-source platform empowering developers to craft a wide array of applications.

One of the notable features of Microsoft .NET is its support for multiple programming languages, ensuring that your applications will seamlessly run on any compatible operating system.

The .NET Standard serves as a foundational set of APIs shared across all .NET implementations. Each implementation can extend this base and offer additional APIs specific to the operating system it operates on.

To enhance functionality, Microsoft, along with the community, supports a thriving package ecosystem built on .NET Standard.

For those new to Microsoft .NET or unsure about the necessary downloads, consider the following components:

.NET Runtime: Everything required to run .NET applications seamlessly.
.NET SDK (Software Development Kit): A comprehensive toolkit providing all the essential elements for developing and testing .NET applications. It includes command-line tools and integrated support for popular editors like Visual Studio.

Download Microsoft .NET 8.0.1 today and transform your ideas into reality. Embrace the freedom to choose your preferred language, seamlessly deploy across platforms, and tap into a vast repository of libraries, making Microsoft .NET a go-to platform for innovative and scalable application development.

Official page
Download: Microsoft .NET 8.0.1 Runtime for Windows 32-bit
Download: Microsoft .NET 8.0.1 Runtime for Windows 64-bit
Download: Microsoft .NET 8.0.101 SDK for Windows 64-bit
Download: Microsoft .NET for other OS

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