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ShiftDown is a program that helps Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows 11 users whose computers suffer from performance issues and slowdowns under load by reducing the priority of the processes that generate the load on the devices it is run on.

What the program does is that it starts to evaluate the CPU usage of the processes once the total CPU usage rises above 25%. ShiftDown does not reduce the computer’s performance or make it faster, just tries to improve that all programs get enough CPU time.

The functionality of the program is very simple. With regard to the installation of the program, the application needs to be installed as a service on the Windows device and it also needs to be done manually.

First, you should download the latest version of ShiftDown from Github. Then, you need to open a command prompt window and run as administrator. After that, run the command ‘sc.exe create ShiftDown binpath=”PATHTO\shiftdown.exe” start=auto’ to add the application as a Service. Then, run the command ‘sc.exe start ShiftDown’ to start the Service.

The program starts and handles everything automatically and when it is terminated, the priority of the changed processes will be restored.

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