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Telegram is a powerful, cross-platform application that aims to provide users with a messaging platform that prioritizes accessibility without compromising on features or security.

Focusing on security, the app guarantees maximum safety for user communication, as the messages that you send and the files that you share via Telegram are automatically encrypted before they are stored online. At present, Telegram supports discussions with up to 200 participants simultaneously and allows file attachments with sizes reaching up to an impressive 1 GB.

Telegram is a fast, secure and user-friendly messaging app that supports files and photos sending, ensuring compatibility with any format and also ensuring that your messages are protected and you can easily access them from any mobile or desktop device anywhere and anytime.

Official page
Download: Telegram 4.14.5 for Windows 32-bit
Download: Telegram 4.14.5 for Windows 64-bit

Download: Telegram 4.14.5 Portable for Windows 32-bit
Download: Telegram 4.14.5 Portable for Windows 64-bit

Download: Telegram for Android
Download: Telegram fpr iPhone
Download: Telegram for Windows Phone
Download: Telegram for Mac 

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