How to install latest Windows 10 using USB flash drive


Please watch the video below for more instructions.

1. Get USB flash drive minimum 8GB and plug in into computer
2. Go to and search for ‘Download windows 10 latest version’ ar go directly on
3. Click on Download tool now bellow Create Windows 10 installation media
4. Save and run MediaCreationTool.exe
5. Click accept
5.1 Choose Create Installation media (USB flash drive, DVD or ISO file) for another PC
5.2 Select Language and Architecture of the windows
5.3 Choose which media to use and select USB flash drive
5.4 Now you can see the letter of your usb flash drive. If everything is correct select next
5.5 Now wait to download the windows 10 and creating of windows 10 media. It takes around 30 minutes
6. Connect your SSD or HDD drive to your computer which you want to be installed with the lasted windows 10.
The flash drive should be plugged in
7. Start the computer and press constantly F8 on your keyboard until a window shows up with boot device options
8. Choose your flash drive from the list
9. Choose Windows 10 64bit operating system
10. Select your windows 10 language and keyboard input
11. If you don’t have windows 10 license key click on `I dont have product key` to continue
12. Select from the list which operating system you want to install
13. Click accept and next
14. If you want a brand new installation with new partitions and formatting of the disk click on `Custom: Install Windows only`
15. Delete the old partition of the disk on which you want to install the windows. Be careful if you have attached more than one HDD disk. They are named drive 0, drive 1 etc. On the second disk if you are having some important data and you don’t want to be deleted, don’t clear
the partition on it. Or just detach it.
16. Click next and wait for the first restart after beginning of the installation
17. After the first automatic restart is very important to remove the flash drive, or the installation of the windows will start from the beginning. If you forgot to pull it just do it and restart the computer and installation will continue
18. After one more restart the welcome screen of window will appear and follow the steps to configure the common settings of windows before reach the desktop
19. When the windows starts the first thing you should do is to install the drivers of your computer parts.

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