Passive VS active CPU cooling of Xeon l5420. Silent computer


This is my home server and i’m trying to make it completely silent. Currently the only spinning fan is on my processor cooler. I have connected the fan with a fan controller to reduce the RPM to 1000 and it is incredible silent.

My power supply is completely silent. I broth the Corsair RM 650x and by the specification of this power supply the fan isn’t spinning at all, when the power consumption is below 200W. My entire configuration does not exceed more than 60 – 70W. The model of my processor is Xeon L5420 and by the specification the max TDP is 50W. That’s make my system super low power consumption.

As you can see further in my video the max temp of my CPU fan cooler with 1000 RPM is not more than 67 degrees and I will test the temps with that cooler which doesn’t have fan and I will try to make the system complete silent

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