Return YouTube Dislike extension adds the YouTube dislike count back again


Google decided to remove the public dislike count from Youtube videos last month, however, a group of developers has created an open-source browser extension, called “Return YouTube Dislike”, that adds them back on YouTube. What the extension does is that it replaces the numberless default dislike button that you see right now with the old dislike count.

The dislike count is still available via YouTube’s own API, even though the number has been removed for the public from the frontend, as the extension obtains that data and restores the old layout with the amount of dislikes a video has received.

The extension is currently available on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and Brave and links to download it can be found on the website.

On the other hand, YouTube will remove the “dislike” field from its API on December 13, which means that dislike counts won’t be able to be accessed through the API after that date. Fortunately, the developers behind the Return YouTube Dislike extension are working on a plan for when YouTube removes the “dislike” field.

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