Windows 11 could cause performance drops on AMD processors up to 15%


Windows 11 is officially released, however it has some issues. If your PC’s processor is an AMD Ryzen and you are planning to upgrade to Windows 11, you better hold off for a bit. And in case you are already running Windows 11 on an AMD Ryzen CPU, you might have slight performance dips. AMD announced that Windows 11 is making its Ryzen slower, as it could reduce Ryzen CPU performance by around 3% to 5% in some applications and by around 10% to 15% in games.

The issues that Windows 11 has with AMD processors applies to every Ryzen chip supported in Windows 11, namely all Zen+, Zen 2 and Zen 3 CPUs that include the Ryzen 2000, Ryzen 3000, Ryzen 4000 and Ryzen 5000 processors, as well as select AMD EPYC processors and some newer Athlon CPUs.

The first issue is that Windows 11 might cause the L3 cache in AMD CPUs to potentially increase the latency by three times, which could result in real performance degradation in applications and games.

The second issue is that AMD’s “preferred core” technology might not work with Windows 11 as expected. This would impact performance in applications that rely on performance from different CPU threads. According to AMD the performance issues could be more noticeable in CPUs with more than 8 cores and with TDP ratings higher than 65W.

Microsoft and AMD are both aware of these issues and are working on a fix, as it should arrive sometime this month (October 2021).

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