Zcash (ZEC) Nvidia CUDA GTX 1070 miner Getting started How to mine


1. Make your wallet
Go to https://zcash4win.com/ download zcash4win and install it. After you done and program run for the first time the blockchain synchronization will start. While the synchronization is running and before reach 100% your CPU will be used and may slow your windows process. After reaching 100% the CPU process will be back to normal. On i7 4790 processor took me around 6 hours.

2. Download the best current miner for Zcash/Equihash algorithm – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1707546.0 and extract it.

3. Mining pool
Go to https://zcash.flypool.org/ and follow the instruction “How to connect” below. In your extracted miner you will find a couple .bat files. Choose one of them and set your configurations. You should write –server address, –user which is your wallet address given from the zcache4win(click in ‘own address tab’ to find it), pass which is not required just enter some random text and some additional parameters. See the How to connect section. Full example:
miner.exe –server eu1-zcash.flypool.org –user t1NF6yLUxAAttibU8mzfX86o8aWLcqF38DX.rig1 –pass x –port 3333 –cuda_devices 0

After that save and run the .bat file and after 10 second you should see the running mining proccess. If you want to check your statistic go to https://zcash.flypool.org/(your wallet address)
Full example:

Also additional you can download android apk to watch you statistics and go to https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/zcash/ to get information about Zcash(ZEC) price. If you want to see what is the best coin to mine of your video card go to http://whattomine.com/coins?dataset=Main

4. Video card settings
If you want you can overclock your video card to mine faster or you can down your video card power consumption and core clock to save power. You can down the core clock but you can increase the memory clock for example. It’s depends of what you want to do exactly. I advice you to test different setting and choose the best you can get comparing sols/s, card temperatures, card clock, memory clock and power consumption.

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